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Chaz Well is a Las Vegas Fine Artist creating artworks that mix reality with cyber technology.  He calls this language "Cyberism". Using mixed media of thick impasto oil paint and tile, Chaz creates sculptural paintings that hold a viewer's attention in any room you place them in.

Paradise Rd

Mixed Media on Canvas


    Chaz Well is recognized and awarded multi-disciplinary artist that has been active in shows for over a decade. His work documents moments of the human expression, technology, and brings a fresh point of view to old ideas. In doing so his work is constantly evolving and allows him to further explore new places and work making techniques, inviting the viewer to find a bridge between past and the present life. Well has always been a creative, from drawing on napkins as a child to being awarded a scholarship to the University of Hartford Art School for graphic design.  After many successful works and concentrations, Chaz Well has excited viewers with his ever evolving style called "Cyberism" making the viewers ask, what will he do next?

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