This is the beginning of my Art Career

The Death Of Disney

These 8 pieces of work are part of a Portfolio that got me a Gold key in States and a Silver medal Nationally for the Scholastics art and writing competition.  The work is about how corporations are ruining Disney with advertisements and killing childhoods with brainwashing logos.  These pieces are what changed my life and got me into art school.
Done in Photoshop CS4


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Rubix Cube
Collage of Emerica Shoes at the time

Self Portrait

Portrait of Heath Kirchart

Bryan Herman, Hardflip gap to rail.

Photoshop CS4. This ended up on the Emerica

website and I got 3 pairs of shoes for this.


I ended up going to see all the Baker/Deathwish

crew for a signing and they signed a hardcopy

of this piece.

Chris Cole, Airwalk

Did this photo of Chris Cole and posted it on Monster Energy's facebook wall and they responded to me!


This is when Street Leauge was just starting up

... I had to.


One of my first design comissions.  I did the front and back cover along with the Home screen and chapter menus for the DVD.


Following this photo is two promo pictures for Conor Holliday's skate video "$$$"

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