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Milf Theif

This was a collabortive with Jacob Cullers.


This one of my first big comissions.  I was asked by my cousin to make him a seascape. So I got right to work.  Lots of layers and experimenting with oil based paintes against watery acrylics created wonderful swirls and effects when it finally dried.  This was done on a wood panel.

Complex 3

This painting came from a reference photo I took of my mom's wedding shoes.  This was entirely done in oil paint.


Not for sale.

The Beginning

This one painting started up a whole series that I still have yet to finish.  I started really getting into Mark Rothko around this time so I was trying to understand his process and study his works.  The idea of the bar on the three quarters mark came from that.  After this painting a lot of ideas came from the simple composition of a 18"x36" canvas.




Not for sale

Black and White


Acrylic on wood panel.


Price: $300

we q, 1:20pm

This piece ended up in an fundrasing auction for a gym for veterans.

2:34pm, Working through some Differences

This painting is special because I was working on a horror production.  I started getting into hot glue.  All the line work in this painting was done with hot glue and followed up with paint.  This was my first thick textured piece.


 Not for sale.

5:17pm, Friend I Had

This was another beginning of a new era.  I love Alberto Giacometti's work and wanted to do a painting referencing his figure drawings.  This was the result.


Not for sale.

Stars and Shapes

This is a piece I did for the Fourth of July.  I used hotglue in the eyes.  Ended up selling in the same fundraising auction for the Veteran gym.

Live Painting.

This is a live painting I did for the Dirt Saloon in Hartford during the color blue party.





Watch the video 

2:27pm, Something More Than Special

This piece was inspired by a sea shell from the beach.




This painting lived its own life.  I installed it in this small pond on campus.  Basically making the painting its own swamp monster.  I wanted to leave it there for a week and let people enjoy a painting installed in nature... After one day some kids grabbed the painting and threw it in the river.  It didn't get destroyed or hurt, but it just goes to show not everyone respects art.  The piece then got into a couple shows.


Price: $600

Can I play?

A piece about street art on canvas installed in the streets.


Not for sale.

Self Portrait (Week42,2014)

I did this painting over the span of a week.  I wanted to take different still shots from my head from events and things that I did that stood out to me.  This is a collage of my week from my eyes.


Not for sale.

Perspective Drawing of Self.

Used a Christmas ornaments for this one. 


Another era started right here in this painting.  I started explosring dots and what they do to the human eye.  Little dots against big dots, lotta dots, and few dots  They mess with the cones in our eyes and can create optical illusions.


Price: $200

Philly Cityscape

This was a commission for a friend of mine.

Calculated Murder.

My math teacher told me in 8th grade, "If you can draw a perfect circle, it means you're a sociopath" So I decided to be a psychopath.


Price: $1000



This is the wall in my room...