Day 1: You Hear About The Artist Who Died?  Too Many Strokes


I did a 7 day painting challenge to start the year.  I went abstract to get some stuff off my chest, and the titles I went with puns that have to do whats going on, and its easier to paint over something with a bad title.

Day 2: How Do Artists Greet Each Other?  Yellow!


Day 3: I Photograph My Pimples. Is Zit Art?


Day 4: Life is a Joke Said the Clown


Day 5: What Would Call This Nation If Everyone Had A Pink Car?  A Pink Carnation


Day 6: Thats a Nice Car, But Where Did My Van Gogh?


Day 7: The Coin Artist Promised He'll Change His Profession To Something Noteworthy.


Where's The Beef?


I did this piece because I was catching some hate off the internet with people claiming they were going to paint over my stuff, it never happened and had to ask the big question.

I Google Myself Sometimes Just To See What I've Been Up To.


48" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas


This painting is the beginning of an era.  I've always been fascinated with cellphone and how people will just stare into them and not even notice what is happening around them.  I've had this sketch in my book after watching someone at a party check their phone while they were peeing on a tree.  If that doesn't scream technology vs. nature I don't know what does.

Deleted Scenes From An Italian Restaurant 

36"x35" Mixed Media on Canvas

Can I Use My Phone As A Calculator?


24"x24" Mixed Media on Canvas

Two Words

15" x 20" Mided Media on Computer Monitor


Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell


Mixed Media Installation

For this work I wanted to combine the idea of a cellphone and landline phone in one. The idea of the cellphone antenna using "the heavens" and the landline being heavy and pulling down towards "hell"

Cellphones in the Sun


24"x48" Oil on Canvas

Still going on the cellphone theme I wanted to reference art history. I used Edward Hopper's "People in the Sun" (1960) as my reference and replaced the people with cellphones.  It creates almost an absence in human life since we're all so absorbed in the phones. It creates a technology vs. nature dialogue.



18" x 36" Oil on Canvas

A branch off my cell phone series, I started painting cellphones themselves.  This "mini" series I modernize the seven deadly sins to our cell phones, playing off the idea that of sinning with technology. 

Lust for Rothkos


18"x36" Oil on Acrylic on Canvas

Real Screenshot from a real porno

Is This Glutton(y) Free?

18"x36" Mixed Media on Canvas(es)

252 apps painted total, most real, a handful are fake

Justice For All


I had to take a quick break from my cellphone works to do these next two series' for a political show in Peekskill NY.  Everyone went very political, I figured I can tell a story through beer. 

The Sin of Pride

18"x36" Oil on Canvas


IDK a Chaz

15"x30" Acrylic, oil, a googly eye, and resin

This felt like a real break through piece for me at the time.  I originally made the collage in photoshop from pictures from college and post college life for phat lip mag. I really felt good about using these photos and conversations that I've had waiting to get attention other than when I scroll by them looking for something I was talking about in the moment.

Selfie No.5

18"x36" Acrylic and Oil