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I Google Myself Sometimes Just To See What I've Been Up To.

48" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas


This painting is the beginning of an era.  I've always been fascinated with cellphone and how people will just stare into them and not even notice what is happening around them.  I've had this sketch in my book after watching someone at a party check their phone while they were peeing on a tree. 

Deleted Scenes From An Italian Restaurant 

36"x35" Mixed Media on Canvas

Cellphones in the Sun

24"x48" Oil on Canvas


18" x 36" Oil on Canvas

Lust for Rothkos

18"x36" Oil on Acrylic on Canvas

Is This Glutton(y) Free?

18"x36" Mixed Media on Canvas(es)

252 apps painted total, most real, a handful are fake


18"x36" Oil on Canvas


IDK a Chaz

15"x30" Mixed media.


Selfie No.5

18"x36" Acrylic and Oil

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