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Banana Boat

This is my first serious sculpture ever.  This is 7 years worth of skateboards that I have snapped myself drilled to an 8ft skeleton (made out of rebar and plywood circles) ontop of a complete skateboard.  And yes... It rolls


This has been shown in multiple shows such as:

-My solo show at the Ridgefield Playhouse 2013

-Nominee at Goldfarb 2012

-"Ride" in the Dirt Saloon 2012

-Art Fest 2013


Price: Contact me if interested.

Figure Modeling

Oil based clay

Portrait with "5:37am" 

Taken by Nick Benson.





This painting was made in the summer.  And traveled for 3 years of college with me


Price: $450







Not For Sale

Miss Fantastic 

Hours upon hours of melting multicolored candles on a mankind head that I negotiated off some spanish lady in a tourish shop in Bloomfield, CT.  The idea came from iceles and this massive wax drip sculpture from "Lifestyles" shop in Waterbury, CT.


Not For Sale

Texas Sunrise

Painted one Texas morning on the side of a service road


Watch the making of it here:




Contact if interested in buying.

Experimental Abstraction of the Human Body #1

One of my earlier conceptual pieces.  I was trying to use the rope as a guide to where it was on my model (Kara Kirkland) when I was splatter painting here while she was standing, going against gravity.


I'm still thinking about it...


Price: $100 for tapestry/ $50 for rope + installation fee


This is a lithography plate


If interested in a print, send me an email.


Not for sale

Virginia's Atom 


This was a painting made for one of my closest friend's mom's birthday.  She was diagnosed with cancer, and passed away a couple months after.  When I met and presented this painting to her, she was so happy she cried a little.  This is when I knew I could do good things with painting.