This is a piece of fan work I did for SeX Skateboards, based out in London, England.





Ended up painting over this to make something else

Home Sweet Home


I wanted to do a soft color piece, since all my work is loud and vibrant.  This was just 4 colors.  Blue acrylic paint, Blue and Red ink that seeps to the top of wet paintings, and glossy white enamel paint.  The glossy white was sprayed inbetween each layer to give dept and tone down the colors.



I have started a series of works where I will be making paintings in abandoned locations and framing them with nice frames like they belong in the galleries.  This is in Bristol, CT at an old train yard.

Model Train


I wanted to paint a model train. I ended up getting the idea of adding wooden frames around the works.  If I ever get a chance to paint a train, I plan on framing my work!

Break Up Letter


I painted this in my final hours of a long term relationship.  We both kinda knew we were going to end things when we met up. I painted this as a tribute to our relationship and to her. This was my first time doing the heart CW in spray paint. This is a very personal piece that has since been painted over.

Cheap Sunglasses


So at this time in my life, I was asked to do a solo show for a local bar/gallery. I decided to theme the show around a drink called Cheap Sunglasses. I wrote a whole statement and did works with sunglasses, the next set of paintings you'll see will more likely have sunglasses in them.


Ended up selling this to a local Poet who drank whiskey and non-alcoholic beer.

Head Trip


30" x 30" Acrylic on canvas

This one isn't around anymore, ended up painting over it to make "Deleted Scenes from Italian Restaurant" (2017)

White Wash


16" x 20" Acrylic on canvas. SOLD

The Mad Rats


20" x 32" Acrylic on canvas.  This is piece is a take off The Rat Pack's famous photograph of them playing pool. Just added some color and sunglasses for the show! 

Ended up selling this piece the night of my solo show opening! Very exciting.

FDR Wall


I painted this piece on 4/20 at the famous FDR skatepark in Philly.  Right after I painted it Converse had models in front of it and everything. It was a satisfying feeling.  

Celebrate Depression with


I did this piece for July 4 (Independence Day) I was into drawing and painting pills at this time, and it came to me to make the American Flag, a place where we are in a Depression, out of pills which can be interpreted as Anti-Depressants.  But on this day: people celebrate with drinking beer, which is an Anti-Depressant. 

Self Portrait


I made this originally for myself, but it ended up being used for the first Issue of Phat Lip Magazine

Cuban Links


30"x 30" Acrylic on Canvas


Made this for a 420 themed show.  Cuban Links are the chain of choice of most drug dealers

Yung Monet


16" x 20" Oil and Ink on canvas 


I wanted to do a little study on a famous Monet painting, but add a graffiti twist to it

A Bigger Clash


16" x 20" Oil on canvas


After doing the Monet study I wanted to go ahead and do a Hockney study. This was my idea of what the house would look like if I spent a weekend there.