Dropped / (Start)

45"x57" Acrylic, Enamel, Custom Fabric, and Wood.

This was the start of my new works after doing the Cellphone series for 3 years. I needed a freedom to do other ideas, this being one of them. I wanted to add a video aspect to presenting the work to "see where/ how these paintings live" in my imagination. I also wanted to start showing off my carpentry skills by building custom extravagant frames for these new works. This one having a custom patterned print on plush velvet with my logo.


Fun fact the frame actually cracked when shooting the video so we only had a couple more takes until we would actually break the work. The piece was fixed afterwards. The series name "First Impressions" comes from seeing new works in new environments instead of photos of them on white walls, but also my explorations of impressionism.


68"x48" Acrylic and Oil.

I conceptualized this piece when I was down in Texas for a deployment. I made it when I came home and it has lived in my living room ever since completion. I haven't had the time/ space to to frame this beaut, but Ialways dreamed of framing it with actual stone like marble (or use wood and paint it like stone). If I did that it would be too heavy for my weak apartment walls so I've just let it be... for now.


But I wanted to release a video on my birthday and by coincidence I planned on making a cake for my birthday (my hobby is cooking/baking). I wanted to a video so dramatic that it was funny. What's sadder than making your birthday cake and celebrating it by yourself?


Acrylic on Canvas stretched on the frame.

This was my first venture into pixelation. it came from the sub thought of thinking its a form of impressionism just digitalized. I wanted to mix pixelation with realism and it just worked!.

The video honestly was not the best, it was an idea that I had to conquer in less than a day as I was being deployed that night for 2 months in Albany, NY to vaccinate low income areas. It works, my friends are great for helping me achieve some content before I got shipped out. Maybe I'm too hard on myself, but that's who I am.