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Let the Imagination Flow

This was my first wall mural.  Did it in one of my best friend's room.  All acrylic paint.

Glass Works

At this point in my life I was really into glass blowing and dedicated a lot of time into it.  I would take classes outside of college to learn more about it.  These works are a result from that.  These were made with soft glass and blowing rod.


None of these are for sale

Glass Beads

These beads are a result from a glass class that I took.  All these were lamp worked.


Not for Sale.


These are important sketches in my careeer.  The first drawing is something I did zoned out.  When I posted it on instagram someone commented and said ti reminded them of Keith Haring.  This was the beginning of a life long study.


The second drawing is referenced from the first with more attention and focus to details.


The third is a self portrait of myself blowing out smoke.  

4 apples

This was my first oil painting.

Just a study of the same apple in different perspectives.  


Not for sale

Organic Matter 

Not for sale

Snow Sketch 

Winters in Connecticut are pretty brutal and building a snowman or complaining about ow cold it is gets old.  So I decided to go out during a heavy snow storm and use my feet to make these designs on the pathways for people to see and experience.


After I finished, I watched a plow rip through all of it in seconds.  Thats when I decided to go home and complain about the snow.


 Being a left handed brings a lot of different myths and rumors.  Like how we use sex magic, or worship the devil, maybe even practiced withcraft.  After learning these rumors and myths about my people.  I decided to study Satan markings and witchcraft procedures to make this installation.

Hot Mess

The picture you see is what would happen if Jackson Pollock worked with glass.  I took three wooden panels and primed them.  After that I took hot glass and let it drip and moved it around the canvas.  I let the glass burn the panels and this is the mess it created.




























This is the end result.  The panels constantly have that nice burnt wood smell, and have small shards of glass in certain spots all around the piece.




My first super rendered painting of a diamond.


Not for sale.

Ticking me off. 

I find it interesting that ticks are relyant on others to survive just like how some humans are relyant on other humans to survive. I know a person who is around their 40's and still lives with their mom and doesn't even have a job. They basically just suck the money and life out of her, like a tick. Its sad to see this mother still working to keep such a parasitic thing alive. Where is the line from parasite to human?


Wood and metal.



Self Portrait 

Oil on unprimed canvas.  Almost looks like a charcoal piece.


Not for sale.

Parasite #2 

Prototype.  I ended up destroying it after this photo.

Mother's Little Helpers 

This was a collaboritve piece I did with Logan Marcus.  We blew these hollow glass pods and filled each one up with different types of fertalizer/ human food; Eggs, fruit, and vegatables and stuck them into the ground to help the ground around them.


Not for sale.

Complex 2 

4'x4' acrylic painting I did for a show.




This painting background was painted with bubbles.  What I did was mix dish soap and acrylic paint and used a paper towel roll and blew perfect circles on the canvas and got beautiful results from doing so.  This was made for a fundraiser for a little girl that has Type 1 SMA.  The money was raised for her family can afford a special van for her needs.


Sold at an auction for $100

Atom painting.

This was a comission that I was asked to do for my high school chemistry teacher.  She wanted an atom painting for her new born's room.  Not a bad idea starting the kid young on science and art.

Seven Day Series. 

This was a warm up exercise for coming back to school.  We were told to do 7 paintings in 7 days...


 Unfortunately, after this assignment was given out.  My mother's newly wed husband of two weeks died in a horrible car accident.  These next 7 works were complete reactions to what I was going through during those days.


If interested in buying one please email.



I have seen enough, I don't need every person reminding me of it.


Every emotion can't be controlled at the site of twisted metal and hell.
Loud sounds, colored lights, I got away from life, is this guilty pleasure?


Twelve hours can sum up my day, but what about the other twelve?


The dogs' barking, the phones' ringing, the rains' pouring, the funeral is nowadays 


Sarajane 1 

I was experimenting with painting the figure. 


8'x5', acrylic, frame is made out of recycled wood.


Not for Sale


ended up trading this piece of work for some vintage jewelry.  Never knew how much it actually sold for.

The Wall

Days upon days of going over different things like a graffiti wall using different paints and mediums.  I developed this painting.




I ended up cutting this painting into strips and using those strips to make my clothes!